Welcome the world of MINI Electric.

MINIs have a history of innovative and efficient design. An electrified MINI is no exception. We designed our electric MINIs so you can enjoy the same go-kart feeling and admire an iconic design with a MINI supercharged to work with your lifestyle.


We designed the electric MINI for the everyday driver. Wake up with the peace of mind that a single charge allows you to drive to work, run errands, and return home without needing another charge.
View of a couple enjoying their ride in an electric MINI


Recharging your car is just as easy as charging your phone. Plug it in overnight at home and you'll be ready to roll in the morning. If you need extra juice while you're out, there are countless stations nearby at any time. You'll quickly discover that charging your electric MINI is easier than you'd ever thought.
The MINI Electric Hardtop zooming around a corner downtown


Driving electric is typically less expensive than maintaining a traditional gasoline engine vehicle. Tax incentives and gas savings add up very quickly and you won't have to be concerned with nearly as much maintenance. Say goodbye to oil changes and all the other chores that come with the gas car you've become used to.
A couple enjoying an offroading trip in their Countryman Plug-in Hybrid.

Charging Options

Level 01 - Universal

Level 02 - Fast

DC Fast - Fastest
MINI Electric Occasional Use Charger plugged into a power outlet in front of an oval white background
For Occasional Use

Occasional Use Charger

Charge up to 4 miles per hour.

Comes standard with your MINI

Charge with any standard 120V power outlet

Compact and portable

Compatible with electric and plug-in hybrid models

MINI Maintenance Program

Electric MINIs require less maintenance than traditional combustion vehicles, but when you need it, it'll be on us.

Exclusive Lane Access

Cut even more time from your daily commutes the MINI Electric Hardtop is eligible for HOV lane access with a single occupant in select states.

Priority Parking

Drivers of EVs and plug-in hybrids often receive preferential parking for increased convenience while charging.

No More Oil Changes

With an electric car, you won't have to worry about making time for (or spending money on) oil changes.

Fully loaded with more standard premium features, the MINI Electric drive is even more fun than before.

8 YEARS / 100,000 MILES
MINI Electric Hardtop

High-Voltage Lithium Ion Battery Limited Warranty

Our inventive solutions allowed us to create a MINI Countryman SAV with a hybrid drivetrain.

8 YEARS / 80,000 MILES
MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid

High-Voltage Lithium Ion Battery Limited Warranty

Common questions about MINI Electric
The main difference comes down to its power system. A battery electric vehicle, also known as an all-electric vehicle (EV or BEV), is entirely powered by a battery and an electric motor. Plug-in hybrids (PHEV) have a dual power system that combine an electric motor with a conventional gasoline engine.
MINI, which is part of The BMW Group, responsibly sources raw materials from leading suppliers for battery cell production and has been manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles since 2013. MINI is committed to relentless research and development in the field of battery technology. The current generation of batteries in MINI’s all electric vehicles reflects this expertise and experience.

The ambient temperature, number of cycles, age of the battery (regardless of use), and other factors influence battery life. For your peace of mind, MINI offers a comprehensive battery warranty that also covers against excessive battery capacity loss (if net battery capacity is less than 70% of its original nominal value) whichever should occur first.
Regenerative braking technology allows electric and PHEV vehicles to recoup part of their energy during deceleration and braking storing it by recharging the battery.
According to the US Department of Energy (https://www.energy.gov/), all-electric vehicles produce no carbon dioxide emissions when driving and can significantly reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and air pollution - which contributes to the improvement of public health and the reduction of ecological damage.
MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America, LLC warrants the high-voltage lithium ion battery assembly against defects in mate rials or workmanship for a period of 8 years/100,000 miles for EVs and 8 years/80,000 miles for PHEVs, whichever occurs first. Due to its inherent technical design, the high-voltage lithium ion battery’s capacity will decrease over time and with use. If an authorized MINI dealer's capacity check concludes that the net battery capacity is less than 70 percent of its original nominal value when it was new, this level of capacity loss is considered excessive. During the High-Voltage Lithium Ion Battery Capacity Coverage period, MINI USA will cover the necessary component repair or replacement to correct this excessive capacity loss when performed by an authorized MINI dealer.
All-electric MINIs embody MINI’s performance legacy and engineering expertise. They are fun to drive, due to instant torque and linear acceleration of the electric motor. MINI EVs and PHEVs provide maximum torque from near standstill providing near instant acceleration, MINIs are famous for their go kart like handling. This fun to drive performance is maintained in MINI EVs with an even lower center of gravity - resulting in great driving dynamics, precise steering, and agile handling.
Just as with any other car, weather and other environmental conditions can affect a MINI EV. Extreme cold and hot temperatures may impact the driving range. Battery life is generally unaffected by typical weather conditions. Impacts on range can be minimized by using the pre-conditioning function which brings the car and battery to operating temperatures before driving off using power from the grid when plugged in.
Public charging stations can generally be accessed by opening an account with a charging provider, similar to opening one for a toll tag. Some stations also permit credit card access. Generally, after opening an account (usually online or in-app), the corresponding app will provide instructions for how to find, access, and if needed pay for charging sessions.